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Bmw increased battery discharge reset

21.10.2020 Bmw increased battery discharge reset

The redesigned 7 series leads off the BMW Fxx chassis code, offering an 8 speed automatic transmission and all turbocharged engine options. View My Garage. Sorry for the rant but I had the battery replaced last year 7k miles ago and I am blessed with the same battery messages again. Just in time for freezing temps in MN 8 below with below windchill the cars heater fans will not run even when driving 15 miles to the office.

Called BMW to make an appointment just to have some girl telling me just to charge the battery. This wasn't even the SA. After I requested an appointment she said they will only put the car on a charger and appointments are out quite a bit. Then she transferred me and after waiting on hold got hung up on. Not happy. Good thing the Service Manager is a friend of mine. He will get some feedback That said, I lost my coding because they reloaded the cars software completely which was supposed to improve the tolerances for the battery messages.

Apparently to no effect. So I am asking myself: 1. Is the battery is toast again? I don't drive the car that much once a week or so in the summer and then regularly in the winter. How could this be? If the battery is good, how can such a big battery drain that much that a mile ride can't fully recharge it?

Trickle charger required? We have a Mercedes SL which we don't drive much in the winter at all as we added an SUV for errands and such, but that car can stand for a month plus without a charger and it fires right up without funky low battery messages. And that car has way more electronics than the 7 series. Remove Advertisements. I have also learned to help reduce the amount of discharge, lock the car to shut it down completely or as much as it can.

The way the battery charges is different on the 7 than your SL. With the software update, did your service interval change? I had that issue when I was leaving my car right by my wife's and we were both carrying our back upsI drove my E61 lastnight got home about 11pm.

A few 20 miles ish journeys yeesterday. Locked with the remote. Drove the car this morning at The car started ok turned over usuall speed. The clock needed reseting and the Fuel consumption and average speed had zeroed.

In the summer when I cleaned the interior I got a same warning or one about low baattery. It cleared after driving car. I asumed tghis was due to the interior lights draining battery although it was not for thsaty long. It was a cold frosty night last night.

Does this mean I need a new battery? Can a car battery be DIY tested to see if its any good? Dont know how old battery is as it came with the car and not marked Etc. This has happened to me a few times now over the years, I never have the radio or heating on without engine on either.

However your issue may not be the same as mine, part of your vehicle may not be 'going to sleep' after you lock it which is draining the battery. But I never had the battery discharge warning come up! I would get it checked at an indy if I was you.

I even had my battery checked at a local garage who told me it was fine when testedonly for it to fail the following morning. I hooked it up to DIS and the voltages are where they are supposed to be and the error message is not regular - just when I haven't driven it for long etc and even then very rare. If you have a multimeter you can do a couple of things to try determine the state of the battery, but to begin with it's best to charge it fully with a battery charger.

An overnight charge should do it. A couple of hours probably won't do if the charge is already low. After charging, and with the engine and ignition switched off, the voltage should across the battery terminals be 12 volts or better - maybe If your voltage is less than 12v then it may be that your battery is not accepting a full charge and is on the way out but do check it's had long enough to charge fully.

If you now start the car and repeat the test you should see The other test you can do is to check the voltage drop across the battery while the starter is cranking the engine. For this you need to cripple the starting circuitry in some way - maybe need to pull a fuse or a relay - so that the starter operates but the engine won't start. Repeat the test and assuming your battery was fully charged at the outset you should see no less than around 7. These are very much DIY tests and the possible causes of flat batteries are many and varied, but these few tests may get you out of the washing up.So as I got in and started my i m sport up today it sputtered briefly, then I got a message saying "increased battery discharge" as well as the warning indicator light.

Drove 20 miles to a work meeting, came out, same thing. Came home, parked, went back out - same thing. So I swung by an Advance Auto Parts to see if they could help - the guy did a battery check and told me my charge was low but he was basically worthless.

Does this basically mean I need to get a new battery? I've driven the car and it hasnt charged the battery, so I dont know what the alternative solution would be? Read up on BMW's alternator charging strategy. Though after 4 maybe 5 years a battery is reasonably due.

bmw increased battery discharge reset

If your car sits for a while you will probably want to invest in a trickle charger. My car is a April 13 service date so its been 4. Is there a way to definitively know its time before you're stuck in a parking lot somewhere? I never understand why everyone is so determined to get the very last crank out of their batteries. If you get 4. Most of us do not keep them 9 years. Eventually, you will have to replace the battery, just bite the bullet and replace it before it lets you sit. What is the saying You can test it directly but even then it wont be a guarantee.

If its giving you issues then its warning you to say the least. Change it and be done with it. Dont cause yourself more headaches. Sent from my iPhone using Bimmerfest. And "increased battery discharge" message is not about the battery.

It generally indicates that some component of the car is drawing too much power when the ignition is off and the IBS and related systems had to power down that branch of the electrical system so your battery wouldn't go dead. Autozone won't be able to help you. You need to read the specific BMW code logs for a pointer.

The first thing I would do though is a full electrical reset. Disconnect the battery for something like 10 minutes, try to power the car on and hopefully drain the power from every module so it does a full reset. Also, try to charge the car from a plug in charger one time too - can't hurt, especially if it's been run down by a malfunction.

My F10 displayed this code at least once in its history. It was a parking brake actuator module not sleeping properly - replaced under warranty. There are other messages, like "Charge Battery" which indicate that it simply needs to be recharged preferably by a plug in charger.

To be clear - you could have a brand new battery and perfect alternator and still get this message. It is not a message about the battery, its voltage, state of charge, or condition. For best car performance and battery life, the BMW must be properly charged frequently and regularly. I charge mine weekly with a CTEK 4. My wife's i is in for the "battery discharged while stopped The dealer replaced the battery and the message still appeared.

The dealer couldn't figure it out so a BMW engineer was in to look at it. I heard from my SA that they think I know the problem is a module he didn't say which one that had to be special ordered and will be replaced under the CPO warranty.Original Poster. Search My Stuff What's New 3 12 24 After a year of flawless and highly enjoyable ownership, my e60 i petrol has got its first problem Fo a while now, first thing in the morning, the car shows a warning stating "high level of battery discharge".

I ignored the warning for about two months, as the car started fine, and showed no problems. However last week, one morning, the car was dead. I started it up using jump leads, and went to an autoelectrician who suggested that I should change the battery.

The aternator was testedand is charging fine. I put a brand new Bosch silver battery in, and after a couple of days I didn't see the warning light, so assumed all was well. However I am now seeing the warning a couple of time a day, only when started up. Where do I start in getting this fixed? The alternator and battery are good, so presumably there is something draining the battery Has anyone else encountered this problem on an e60, and if so, what was the fix?

Someone here had similar problems. Certainly on the e39 its a common problem. Other clues is your blower motor speeding up or slowing down whilst the display shows the same level. Did they carry the same part over to the e60? Thanks for the replies The hedghog problem seems to be one relating to the e The heater has played up once or twice recently, but now works perfectly, so I certainly dont dismiss the possibility that this is the cause of the battery drain Anyone else had this problem on an e60?

I am having the same problem. My has been running problem free since I boughtit over a year and half ago and then about 4 wek ago, a message appeared stating 'high rate of battery dishcarge'.

I ignored it for about 3 weeks but then one day went to start the car and it was dead. I bought a brand new battery and within a few days it went dead again. I had my BMW dealer check the car over and al of the realys, alternator etc are all working properly. However they blamed it on the aftermarket dvd player and playstation that was fitted stating that I would have to strip it all out and then bring the car back to them for another diagnostic test.

I have since taken out the dvd and playstation but just left the tv screens as they are in the headrest but the car is still going dead.

Any ideas? The heater just stopped working sometimes, ie blew no air Junior Mint posts months. Exact same here on a E Check the forums on E I had mine checked under warranty a few times to be told by the dealer that they couldn't find anything wrong.

Got a new battery fitted. Now out of warranty it has started to appear the past few weeks. I wonder if weather related now it has turned colder? I am sure something is either stopping the car going into sleep mode when parked up or something is coming on of it's own accord. It is very annoying. I get either "increased battery discharge" or the more serious "battery very low" message intermittently and the car then will shut down the iDrive in order to "conserve energy".This problem often happens when you first start your BMW in the morning, especially during extremely cold weather.

You may also get BMW increased battery discharge when stopped at a red light. If you see this error message on your dashboard, some of the electronic consumers such as heated seats, power features, blower fan, door locks, interior light, comfort access, etc.

Don't worry if several items stop working including windows, folding mirrors, seats, sunroof etc. It doesn't mean there is something wrong with these systems. Your BMW is trying to conserve energy to allow the car to charge the main battery.

Normal operation should return once the battery is charged. When you first see this message remove any chargers or adapters from the cigarette outlet. Continue driving your BMW for at least 30 minutes to charge the battery. If the problem remains the next step would be to verify that the battery is in good condition and holds a proper charge. Perform a charging system test using a battery analyzer.

Your local auto parts store may also perform this test free of charge. Increased battery discharge can be caused by several issues some of the most common being an old battery, defective IBS sensor, or poor ground connection.

Stock BMW batteries typically last around 4 to 6 years. If your battery doesn't hold a charge, you can get the increased battery discharge warning at startup or while driving. If the battery is failing, you typically get several warnings. If they are slightly dim or the car struggles to start, the battery may be the culprit. It is not uncommon for a BMW battery to fail even at two years due to a bad cell. Other possibilities include the battery getting drained overnight or the battery isn't getting charged properly.

If your BMW keeps dying when parked make sure that the smart key is not too close to the car. At the early stages the car will start fine, but over time your BMW may struggle to start. If your battery is over 7 years old it is a wise investment to change it. Follow our guide to learn how to replace BMW battery and how to perform battery coding if you need help with those steps.

A faulty IBS sensor could be the culprit. IBS sensor is installed on the negative battery terminal. When it fails it starts to drain the battery when the vehicle is parked. To check if the IBS sensor is the culprit you will need to check for a parastic current draw with a digital multimeter. A poor battery cable connection can also cause the "increased battery discharge" warning message. Check the battery terminals to make sure they are not loose. Especially if you are getting this error message after replacing the battery.

bmw increased battery discharge reset

If the battery terminals are not loose, remove the battery terminals and clean them using a battery terminal brush. Make sure to check and clean the IBS sensor cable as well connected to the negative battery cable. Related possible issues include a defective alternator which is failing to charge the battery properly.

bmw increased battery discharge reset

If that is the case you may want to connect a 12 volt smart trickle charger overnight to the battery or take your car on longer trips at least 30 min drive once a week. Keep electronic consumers to a minimum such as the stereo or heated seats. Keep the day running lights off. This will allow the battery to charge faster. EDC module can also draw excessive current.Remember Me? Private First Class. Hi all. For those who don't remember I was one of those with battery discharge problems.

e60 530i..."high rate of battery discharge"...any ideas?

One they the battery would be discharged then it would go back up untill the ASS works again and so on. Very unusual behavior. I was originaly been told that it was because I was not driving enough but I always thought it was some accessories draining the battery. Lately I got the car in because the wipers stop working if they are in action while the engine stops because of the ASS probably not fixed.

So basically I was getting discharge warnings because the car was not able to read the battery properly.

The replaced the ECU and the battery reading module and all seems fine now. So I finally get a real car though it really sucks that it took them a year of treating me like I'm stupid to figure it out. Don't have to tell you now when I tell them something the listen! I told them one of the horns didn't work and they just told me they would replace both without even looking at it.

Lol I hope this will help other people in the same situation. B, MazdaSpeed6 best of all. Appreciate 0. I've been getting this on my for weeks. I just throw it on the charger every few days, but it never takes much of a charge. Wonder if its the same problem. The car isn't under warranty anymore so its not getting fixed if it is.

Not my problem in a week or so, so they can deal with it when its traded in. Have you tried a dealer or a shop? I'd bet a professional could help you with your premature discharge problem. Appreciate 1. HFW Originally Posted by KneeDragr. Originally Posted by Bassthe1st. Originally Posted by BavarianFanatic.

It's MORE likely an independent would find it than the dealer. Dealer techs are all young with very little old school troubleshooting ability. If it doesn't turn up on the computer or display a code they're at a loss. If the scanner says there are no problems then they'll swear there are no problems.

While identifying the root cause of a troublesome parasytic drain can be a royal pain, there are very straightforward ways to methodically make your way through the circuits to identify the culprit. Brigadier General.

Battery: Increased battery discharge when stationary.

Originally Posted by smithe Last edited by smithf80; at AM. Enlisted Member. I just bought a i with 20k miles. Having the same issue. What would dealer charge to find fault?View My Garage. The dreaded "increased battery discharge". Attachment So I have 25k on my and do a lot of short distance driving. Should I just take a few long trips to recharge the battery or should I take it in and see how much battery life is left?

Or should I get a trickle charger? Could the battery need to be replaced already? Sent from BimmerApp mobile app. Last edited by the kidd; at AM. Remove Advertisements. If you're still under warranty, take it in. Mine was in a month ago for this and they replaced the negative battery cable and the electronics that sense the current.

I've had a couple warnings since then, but nowhere near the level I was seeing prior to the repair. Bring it in. There is a software update for low driving profile. Attached is a copy of my WO with some of the test plans they had run and the update. These are not plug in hybrids. My X5 gets about 6k miles per year. My other cars about the same. I do not have this problem with any of the other ones.

Don't let them blame it on your driving profile. This is a charging issue. I emailed my SA with the pic and stated that I need to bring vehicle in. Have not heard back and probably won't till tomorrow since it is closed Sunday. I will update if anything interesting. Otherwise, thanks guys! If this has happened more than once, ask them to open a PUMA case. Just keep going back to "I can't afford to have an unreliable vehicle.


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